If you see this, it is because you are interested in the visit of the Elder Don Alejandro.

For us it is a joy and an honor to have you with us again, in which (as himself said) is probably his last trip to Europe, since he already has 88 years.

In his grandfather will visit individual consultations by appointment. These may be:

  • Mayan Astrology
  • Healing
  • Mayan Oracle

The price per visit 60 € / 30 min. Reserve appointment at tel. (+34) 660020310 (Noraya)

We have respected the prices of grandfather in all his travels.
In Madrid, there will be conferences and ceremonies.

The conference price: 10 €

The price of the Sacred Mayan Fire ceremonies*: 30 €

* Note: (ceremonies are NOT with any medicine plant, they are traditional Sacred Fire Mayan Ceremonies)

Link to watch the movie «SHIFT OF THE AGES» about the grandfather and his mission:

https://vimeo.com/109036516 (Password: tata)


We greatly value the work and effort of grandfather and we are very grateful to have himself with us in Europe again. Prices for ceremonies, conferences and individual consultations are to cover the cost of airline tickets, travel and subsistence, and we also hope that Grandpa can earn some money for their work to bring Guatemala. As Major Elder of the indigenous peoples of Guatemala, its main job is to keep and spread the Mayan culture around the world, it is a legacy of humanity and its work is important for everyone. This is a small biography of his grandfather: guatemala-appoints-large

Don Alejandro Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj is a high priest of the 13 Mayan Quiche generation.
He is the major Elder Mayor of the indigenous peoples of Guatemala
From early age was recognized by the Maya nation as a messenger to bring their traditions. Now he is 88 years old. Since several years he´s been chairman of the Mayan Council of Elders, a body of 440 men and women of wisdom in Guatemala, representing 23 different ethnic groups, and has the authority to speak on behalf of them. His name «Wakatel Utiw» means «Wandering wolf, who wanders and travels the world.»
Don Alejandro is also the leader of the Indigenous Council of the Americas, whose members nations from Land of Fire to Alaska and he is the link between the wise elders of many peoples. It is also the representative of the Mayan people in the UN.


This is the complete activities program (in spanish) in Facebook:



En Madrid
12th May:
Morning: private consultatios (mayan astrology, Mayan Oracle, Healing) only by Appointment, limited places
Afternoon: Conference in Espacio Cultural SDI
“We, the mayan. Our principles”
C/ Barceló, 13 (metro Tribunal)
Contacto: 660020310 (Noraya)

Saturday 14th in Espacio Sitara de Paloma Lozano (Zarzalejo-El Escorial):
Morning: : private consultatios (mayan astrology, Mayan Oracle, Healing) only by Appointment, limited places
6pm: Conference
7:30pm: Sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony

Sunday 15th (Nuevo Baztán, in private property)
Sacred Mayan Fire ceremony (with the participation of Dr. Zacciah Blackburn)

Reservations and info (English speaking):
Noraya Kalam (tel. 660020310)


In Bizkaia (Basc Country), 20-22 de Mayo.
Grandfather Don Alejandro (Tata Cirilo) participates in the First Congress of Shamanism in the Basque Country with shamans of Mongolia, Finland, Mexico or the US. There will be conferences, consultations and joint ceremonies.


6pm: Conference «13 Baktun: Time of the Sixth Sun»

7pm-9:30pm: Round Table 10 Shamans


Sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony


19: 30h: Closing ceremony together with other participants in the congress shamans
Organized in Bizkaia: www.shing.eu