In nature and in all living beings, re12402065_855934994523265_6003045811466969138_osts the Life Force that animates every cell, every molecule and every electron. This vital force is infinite and possesses consciousness and energy. In nature and the cosmos, we can see how this life force is organized itself in harmony and balance, creating order, beauty, expansion.

We humans have disconnected us much of this life force. We no longer feel its movement and expansion, as we perceive the world around us from the limited perspective of our mind, disconnected from the essence of Light that are, our soul. We seek out what has always been within, in our heart (well kept by the pericardium).

We can reconnect with the Life Force, making us aware of how it encourages our body, learning to focus and to focus our attention on the feeling from the heart.
And then, our vision becomes clearer and we can flow with the circumstances that we draw from the frequency at which vibrate. Then we
remember and we recognize ourselves as part of a Universe full of harmony and balance in which life is constantly expanding, and we become aware (in a very deep and genuine way),  that all life experiences that we attract are just the ones that we need at this time for our evolution. So we can only feel gratitude and joy, and it is easier to respect our path and the path of others, because we know that the same life force that is in us, is everywhere.

“No matter if you’re big or small, just feel the power that is within you, is the same that governs the Universe”

What we will learn in this course?

~ Learn to feel the movement of life, to dance with him, to accompany him and release him.

~ We will feel the core of our soul and learn to focus on it, to reconnect the soul to the bo16401dy.

~ Through simple games and practices, we will learn to feel our hearts and awaken them to Life so Joy can flourish and flow with no obstacles.

~ We will connect with the Life Force in the plant, mineral, animal kingdom in magical and enriching ways.

~ Listen, presence and attention (awareness). We will travel inside the human body with our consciousness, heightening deepen our intuition and feeling. We will feel how emotional impacts and painful or traumatic experiences affect our bodies and learn to:

~ Releasing Life Force: learn a simple CBO protocol to release the pericardium and the Life Force in others so they can also connect and feel their expansion.

~ Release the pericardium to connect with life and its expansion in ourselves and in others.

“Cellular Bioenergetics Osteopathy accompanies witout command, releases without forcing, transmutates without manipulate. It is an encounter with the soul of cells, is an encounter with Life is a beautiful dance that comforts and expands whom dance. “


Who can join the course? Anyone interested in personal growth, who wants to know and reconnect with the strength of his heart. Therapists and soul companions. Life walkers.

The course lasts six days full board.

It is done in a beautiful place surrounded by lush nature to give us time for enjoyment and connection with nature.

Contact Liz King (UK):

Noraya Kalam (Spain)

Phone: +34660020310
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